Mark "School Out" On "No School" Days!

When school age kids are present (due to teacher inservices, summer, snow days, holidays, etc.), make sure to mark school out! This helps make sure you get credit for any AM snacks and lunches you feed school age kids when they would normally be in school. 

  • Day care HOMES can:
    • Click on "no school" or "sick" when marking the child for a meal or snack. 
    • Click and drag days off school in the child's calendar. 
    • See the KidKare workbook for detailed instructions. 
    • IMPORTANT: You must mark "school out." DO NOT use "present on a holiday."
  • Day care CENTERS can:
    • Choose "Menus/Attendance" from the menu bar in Minute Menu CX.
    • Click on "Manage School Calendar" from the drop down list. 
      • Choose "Selected Center" to mark all schools out.
      • Choose "Choose Specific Child" to mark school out to mark school out for one (or a few) kids. 
      • Right click on the date on the calendar and choose "Add school out" for the day.