Milk Carton Igloo


  1. 155 milk jugs
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Yardstick (optional)


  1. Start collecting milk jugs. Save all of the milk jugs you use at your daycare.
  2. Even have children bring their milk jugs from home.
  3. Wash the milk jugs out well to prevent spoiled milk! Let dry completely.
  4. If you have a yardstick, lay it down on the floor. It'll help the igloo keep a circular shape as you are hot gluing the base.
  5. Lay the first milk jug down on the ground on its side where you would like your igloo to begin. Then start hot gluing cartons in a circular shape until you reach the other end of the yardstick.
  6. The first row should have 23 jugs.
  7. To start the next row, hot glue milk cartons on top of the base layer. The next layer should have 22 jugs.
  8. Keep repeating this until you get to the fifth row.
  9. On the 5th row, you'll start making the dome of the igloo. Hot glue your cartons all the way across to form a complete circle.
  10. Continue building the milk igloo up until you reach the top.
  11. You can use the igloo as a reading center or something fun for the kids!

Milk Carton Igloo

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