Stained Glass Leaf Collage


  1. leaves
  2. waxed paper
  3. crayon shavings (optional)
  4. newspaper
  5. iron (adults only!)
  6. scissors


  1. Take children on a walk and collect leaves for a collage.
  2. Cut two pieces of waxed paper for each child.
  3. Place each child's leaves between two pieces of waxed paper.
  4. If desired, add a few crayon shavings with the leaves.
  5. Place each waxed paper "sandwich" between two sheets of newspaper.
  6. Adults can help children press the newspaper with a warm iron.
  7. Let cool.
  8. Once the picture is cool, pictures can be used as placemats, stained glass "windows," or the children can cut out leaves to make a mobile.

Stained Glass Leaf Collage

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adapted from Everyday TLC, 2007.